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Maintaining safety on a worksite is any tradesperson's highest priority. High-quality testing and measuring equipment are essential. From electrical to plumbing, we have the latest testing equipment suitable for any industry manufactured according to industry compliance standards. Need to check voltage, air quality or gas pressure? At Reece, we have a wide range of detectors, gauges, and manometers to get your job done quickly, accurately & safely.

Our manometers provide accurate pressure readings so technicians, gasfitters, and plumbers can focus on the job. With our trusty digital manometers on your toolbelt, quickly and safely measure gas pressure, air velocity and temperature.

It's not just electricians that need to test for a live voltage. Before any tradesperson or DIY amateur starts a job, it's essential to protect themselves and others by checking for live volts in switches and outlets. Our voltage detectors suit a range of applications, from the user-friendly Milwaukee non-contact tester to the open fork continuity detectors for a safe and reliable measure of the current without breaking the circuit.

While you can only fit so many tools on your toolbelt, digital multimeters are a smart addition. Uncover and troubleshoot electrical issues faster, easier and with precision. Our Fluke digital multimeters provide consistency, safety and reliable performance with an impressive warranty to match.

Reece has an extensive range of testing and measuring equipment to maintain safety on site. Check our range online or drop into your nearest store and chat with our friendly staff.