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Rothenberger Roscope Mini

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Our inspection and locating tools are designed to see into the places the human eye simply can't reach. Whether you need handheld drain inspection cameras, mirrors or accessories at Reece, we have high-quality tools with innovative technology to fit and see into any cavity.

The Milwaukee M12 inspection camera delivers clear and crisp visuals with a large LCD display and a 275cm camera to extend further into pipes, air ducts and drains. The Rothenberger roscope mini can quickly inspect even the smallest of places like clogs in drains, pipes, showers & sinks, which is particularly useful for prewall installations. While the M12 Flex 275 inspection camera with a 12mm camera head and 2.7m cable is perfect for residential or commercial plumbing lines, H/VAC, and facility maintenance where documenting inspections are essential.

The Rothenberger Rocam 4s has all the features of a self-contained inspection camera plus maximum flexibility. Suitable for pipes 40mm to 300mm, it features a wifi transmitter, removable 10.4" touch screen, 65m cable, and trolley for easy handling and transport. With convenient six-hour battery life and interchangeable camera heads to suit any pipe, drain or gutter size.

Inspection mirrors are also valuable in a tradies toolkit. A swivel mirror and telescopic handle allow you to reach and see into even the most hard-to-see places.

At Reece, we have inspection and locating tools suitable for any industry. Check out our range of inspection cameras, mirrors and accessories online, or come in-store and chat with our helpful staff.