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Rothenberger Screw Punch 35mm

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Tap reseating is an efficient way to smooth the connection between your tap and the sink, to give washers a chance to have a tight seal and prevent leaking. The tap reseating tool can grind a smooth surface and help set the tap back into place perfectly when you’re all done.

Reece has a wide range of tap tools to help you in the bathroom, the laundry and the kitchen. Anywhere you have a tap and sink setup, Reece has all the gear you need to set up your tapware, change your tapware and more.

Tap reseating tools are handy when a job calls for installing new tapware. Your options for installing different tapware, thanks to Reece, are huge.

Check out our range of shower tapware. You can install a single chrome mixer tap. We have a style to suit your bathroom needs. Black matte options too for a classy, subtle style.

We have double sets of lever aps, with matching showerheads, or the traditional windmill style tap heads.

For your bathroom basin and your bath, match up the styles with matching tap sets. Again, the single tap with mixer is popular and easy to mix the water to the perfect temperature. Also easy to use if your hands happen to be soapy and slippery. If you’re lying in the bath, you could even use the tap with just the tip of your toes.

If you’re extending the tapware style into your laundry or kitchen, we recommend checking out our range of basin mixers and basin tapware. Extended handles for ease of use, or if your hands are full, you can nudge with your elbows.

The taps can be an extended height, too, in case you have awkward loads of washing needing to be hand-washed. Or if you have some giant pots that have to get into the sink, under the taps.

Reece has so many tapware styles for you, in chrome, matte black, and more, to suit your decor and lifestyle.

Get into it with our tap tools and reseat your new taps snugly into your bathroom.