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External Bending Spring 15mm

Product Code: 7100670

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Pipe bending springs are essential to help maintain the integrity of the pipes you need to bend. If you use only the tube benders, you risk distorting or creasing your pipes. Not only can this reduce the flow of liquid or gas through your pipes, but it also damages the integrity and can lead to breakages in the future.

Reece has a selection of pipe bending springs for different sized pipes, for copper piping.

You can get precise bends, and weave a pipe around an obstacle without having to cut and join, saving time and money.

Reece has a range of tools and accessories to help with your plumbing needs, especially when a tricky situation may arise.

Plus, for all the extra bending and curving, tightening of tools and more, Reece has an extensive range of spanners and screwdrivers, wrenches and hex keys. There will be no screws nor nuts that you can’t loosen with our range of tools.

Check out the range online or drop into your nearest showroom and chat with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.