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Cable Ties

Cable ties are a handy tool that provide an ideal way to organise, bundle, and secure your wiring, markers, tags, lags, and various other materials.

The strong 200mm, 300mm, and 370mm square head nylon-backed Brigland cable ties are smooth on one side with a moulded tooth zip on the other. They are wear-proof and sunlight resistant, weathering most compounds except extreme acids, alkalis, and alcohols, making them extremely durable. Each pack contains 100 pieces. These black ties adhere to UL approved file number E70062 and meet the requirements of BS EN 62275:2009 and UL1565. They have a flammability rating of V2 and working temperatures from 40℃ to 85℃.

The extensive range of generic black and clear plastic cable ties offer an alternative to the Brigland ties when you need longer or wider cables for jobs in less environmentally demanding situations, such as temporarily putting up banners and notice boards.

The stainless-steel tie straps, which come in bundles of 10, hold much heavier loads and are far more heat resistant than the nylon and plastic ties. They are smooth on both sides and require pliers to pull them tight. Once tightened, the tail ends should be trimmed.

Tie Straps

Our Fasty and Bigdog tie strap range caters to your every tie down need. The Fasty straps comply with AS/NZS 4380 standards and are the strongest on the market with their 25mm wide strap, providing a lashing strength of 596kg. The Fasty tie down straps’ steel clamp, finished in black, made from environmentally friendly zinc/iron trivalent chrome to provide optimal corrosion protection, is designed and precision-manufactured in Sweden. Each buckle is tested before being fitted to its length-specific colour-coded strap. The buckle opens wide, and the spring enhances its strength and reliability. The tough and durable UV inhibited polypropylene webbing used in the straps helps ensure that the clamp does not slip. The webbing ends are cut on an angle for easy insertion and heat sealed to prevent fraying. The Bigdog tie down straps also comply with AS/NZS 4380 warranty standards and have a proven lashing strength of 200kg. Bigdog offers a ratchet range for easy additional tightening.