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It goes without saying that you need to see clearly when working. If you’re under a house or under the hood of a car, bright light ensures you don’t make a mistake, or cut the wrong wire, and it helps when you drop your tools too.

Some of these lamps are also good to have in the back of your truck when you’re out and about, camping or fishing.

The Milwaukee brand of lights all shine brightly with low-powered LED. Powered by rechargeable REDLITHIUM batteries, you can get 600x times more illumination with these lamps than you can with regular incandescent bulbs. A great saving to your hip pocket.

The variety of light available to you, for different purposes, is grand. A ground lamp that sits and covers a great area; an LED tube light you can hang above you or insert into tubing for inspections and investigation; and lights that hang onto hooks, or nails, to light your workbench or the engine of your truck when you’re servicing it.

You can trust the Milwaukee range of lights to be tough and durable and last a long time. With rechargeable batteries, with the right equipment, you can recharge these from the port in your car, and always have a light on tap.

Don’t keep yourself in the dark. Light up your world with LED lights from Reece.