System Design

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"Our professionally designed system can save you cost and provides a comfortable climate all year round."

Around 40% of household energy use in Australia goes to heating and cooling. Therefore, it is important to get the right system designed for your home - to save cost and also to provide a comfortable climate all year round. With years of experience and extensive knowledge in heating & cooling, the Metalflex design department can provide our customers with the best options for heating and cooling their home.



A well-designed Heating and Cooling System can provide your household with a comfortable climate all year round. From Hot Summer Nights to Chilly winter mornings, a Metalflex Designed Heating and Cooling System helps you getting the right climate for your home to keep you relaxed all year round.



With recent rising energy costs and an increased emphasis on sustainability, choosing the correct heating or cooling system is even more important. That’s why we help our customers put together a handy plan and product selections for their heating and cooling system. It's designed to help you getting the perfect heating and cooling suitable for your needs.

Get advice for heating & cooling design

Alternatively, your local licensed installer could also be a valuable source of advice when deciding which heating and cooling system is ideal for you.