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Rothenberger 3/4" Tube Bender

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Rothenberger 1/2" Tube Bender

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Not all work involving tubing is a straight line. Those easy jobs of taking gas or liquid from point A to point B, in a straight line, are great but also rare.

If you need your tubes to go around a bend or detour around an installation or wooden beam, you need to come into the store, or hop online, and get the best equipment a professional plumber can buy.

Reece has plenty of tools to help with the bending of tubes, cutting pipes to length, expanding the tubes when more volume is needed, and a range of tube bushes for when you need to connect your tubing up to regular plumbing devices.

At Reece, we have plenty of tools to help with the installation and maintenance of tubing, for gas work and wet work.

Our range of Rothenberger tube benders in various sizes, such as a ¾” tube, or a ½” tube, can easily bend your tubes without breaking them.

All the tools we have in stock to help, means you save time and money by making sure you have all the right tools, on-site when you need them. Cut your tubes to length, expand them to fit your working space, and then fit them to other standard plumbing equipment with our bushes.

If you have a tougher job, or a stubborn tube, we even have a hydraulic pipe bender for copper pipes.

Always check the type of tubing you have to see if it is appropriate for bending. Consult with our team before starting any big project so we can make sure you have the right hand tools and accessories for the job.