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Smartemp Adjustable Helical Swirl Diffuser 355 Diameter 530 Round - Only Available in Tas, Vic, NSW & Canberra

Product code: 3204744


The SMARTEMP Adjustable Helical Swirl Diffuser, type HSC-AD, is a low profile diffuser that produces highly inductive swirl discharge of the supply air, diffusing the swirling air stream with adjustable horizontal-to-vertical discharge direction and strong mixing characteristics into the space. High levels of draught-free cooling and efficient heating from elevated discharge heights to door level are achieved from the patent pending design.
The cambered leading edges of the twenty off-set radial vanes reduce both the sound power level and pressure drop, improving aural comfort and saving fan energy. Geometric twist of the helical vane tips provides increased downward penetration when heating and reduces the minimum permissible airflow rate of the diffuser when cooling. The pressure drop of the diffuser is substantially constant across the full range of airflow direction adjustment, ensuring stable HVAC system and fan operation regardless of discharge direction.

Smartemp Adjustable Swirl Diffuser Round
Smartemp Adjustable Swirl Diffuser Round