Refmate 2 Digital Manifold With 2 Temperature Sensors & 5 x 60" Hoses With Ball Valves & 2 Wireless Temperature Clamps

Product code: 3431012


The name REFMATE comes from the English word MATE, meaning companion, buddy, the person helping you as you work. And that's exactly what the REFMATE is - the best assistant at work you could imagine. Always accurate, always on hand, always ready to go, robust, versatile, easy to use.

The REFMATE has been developed by professionals, for professionals. With state-of-the-art technology wherever high-tech means real improvement. And with tried-and-tested features if they have benefits in daily use. That's why, instead of a touch display, the REFMATE has sturdy, intuitive buttons and an easy-to-read colour display with an analogue pointer. It's practical too - the REFMATE can be locked for long-term measurements on construction sites.

Refco Refmat 2 Way Manifold
Refco Refmat 2 Way Manifold