Rectorseal T Plus 2 Thread Sealant (250ml)

Product code: 3415073

Rectorseal T PLUS 2

RectorSeal T Plus 2 is a non-hardening thread sealant containing PTFE plus synthetic fibers. These fibers are dispersed in a resinous base combined with inert mineral fillers to provide maximum sealing performance. Its low coefficient of friction allows tighter joint makeup with lower torque. It also breaks out easily without galling, seizing, or damaging threads. It is excellent for service where immediate pressurization is necessary. RectorSeal T Plus 2 is non-toxic in accordance with NSF Standard 61. In addition, it is approved and listed with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

R/Seal T Plus 2 Thread Sealant (250ml)
R/Seal T Plus 2 Thread Sealant (250ml)

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