Caleffi  1/2" Male Angled Lockshield Valve

Caleffi Radiator Valve Lockshield Right Angle Male 1/2"

Product Code: 1601813

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Product Summary


- Typically used for controlling and regulating the fluid flow to radiator panels in central heating systems
- Supplied with a special tailpiece with rubber hydraulic seal, permitting quick and safe connection to the radiator without the use of additional sealing materials


Body Material Chrome Plated Brass
Control Knob & Cap Material ABS (RAL 9010)
Gland Material PTFE
Hydraulic Seals Material EPDM
Technical Information
Fluid Media Water, glycol solutions
Max Percentage of Glycol 30 %
Pressure Information
Maximum Working Pressure 10 bar
Temperature Information
Temperature Range 5 to 100 deg C