Fergus Fergus

Seamless access to every invoice.

With maX integration, you can now access all your Reece invoices within Fergus. Gain full visibility over your cashflow and create quotes quickly and more efficiently.

What are the benefits?

Get rid of manual

Once the link has been set up between your maX and Fergus accounts, you will see your Reece invoices automatically appear in your Fergus account each day.

No mistakes

With maX and Fergus doing all the work, you can have complete peace of mind that your invoices are being processed into your Fergus account.

Save Time

Less time in front of your computer and more time being where you need to be.

Save $$

Material costs are a huge part of your business. By linking your maX and Fergus accounts, you will now be able to analyse all your costs in one place and create more efficient processes.

View the invoice PDF in Fergus

You can download or view your Reece invoice whenever you need. No more stress if the paper copy never makes it back to the office!

See the integration process

Fergus setup instructions