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Seamless Accounting Integration

As part of our commitment to continually innovating maX, we have integrations available with MYOB and Xero to help make invoicing easier and faster for you.

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It’s easy to integrate both MYOB or Xero with maX

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What is MYOB?

MYOB creates business management solutions including everything from accounting to a CRM. Many of our customers currently use MYOB to manage the bookkeeping and invoicing side of the company, either in house or through a third-party bookkeeper.

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What is Xero?

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that was designed with small businesses in mind. Many of our customers use Xero to manage the bookkeeping and invoicing side of the company either in house or through a third-party bookkeeper.

What are the benefits?

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Get rid of manual uploads

Once the link has been set up between your maX and MYOB or Xero accounts, your Reece Group invoices will seamlessly appear each day.

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No mistakes

With maX, MYOB and Xero doing the work you can have complete peace of mind that your invoices are being processed into your MYOB or Xero accounts.

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Save time

Less time in front of the computer, and more time being where you need to be.

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Save $$

Material costs can be a huge part of your business, by linking your accounts you will now be able to analyse costs in one place and create more efficient processes.

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View the invoice PDF in MYOB

Download or view invoice PDF’s whenever you need. No more stress if an employee forgets to hand the invoice into the office.

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Search invoices by job name or number in MYOB

Now you can look for all invoices related to a specific job just by entering the number into MYOB (only available for MYOB Account Right customers).

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