Why Choose Metalflex For Your Business


"Metalflex works for you and your business."

Metalflex is a wholesaler of world-class air conditioners, heating systems and related products since 1999. Our business is renowned for quality customer service and effective system design. Supporting businesses like yours, Metalflex also designs, produces and customises heating and cooling systems on behalf of our customers. We’re continually customising our business to meet the needs of yours. In short, Metalflex works for you. Of course, some things at Metalflex we do will never change – like our enduring commitment to service, quality, relationships and expertise.



We invest heavily in staff training so our people can create real value for your business. Our trained staff have extensive knowledge of the heating & cooling industry. They understand your needs and the industry - this knowledge is also reflected in the tools we offer to help you do business.

Specialised Service

Great service is really about being ‘Easy to do business with’. That’s how we see it. It’s about removing headaches and hassles. Doing the simple things well and being prepared to go even further than the competition. We’ll save you time and money by making it easier for you to get the job done - so your business can grow even faster. Our tools, network & processes are designed to grow your business.



We appreciate that all our customers are different. That’s why we make a real effort to listen and learn as much as we can about your business. Our people care about building relationships that complement the way you work. And Metalflex is lucky enough to have some of the best. People who believe that integrity, reliability, loyalty and commitment still mean something. People who actually remember your name. We continuously listen, learn & cater to your specific needs.


We know that your reputation is everything and you need to protect it. That’s why we’re committed to quality across all aspects of our business – our people, processes and products. Our products are guaranteed & tested to Australian standards.